March 21, 2013

Lululemon's See Through Yoga Pants lol could be good for Yoga "industry"

Apparently Lululemon did not know that sheer yoga bottoms were see through. 

neither did I....
See through Yoga pant recall could be a boon to industry.
Yoga pant with a wide soft waistband. (Photo credit: lululemon athletica)

Funny thing is that many yogis (lol for funny word) have known for some time that yoga bottoms tend to be see through. Some even thought it was meant to be as yoga was originaly done in the nude. LOL again.

Sorry I find yoga to be rather silly but then again I'm a 270 pounds 6 foot 1 guy that does not work out at all.

Thing that non yogi men know that yoga pants are see through you might see a huge influx of men in yoga. Men who would not be seen dead doing yoga before would defiantly consider it now that they know that they there are female butts on display.

If there women in a location with see though pants on bending over for hours at at time it will attract men. This is nature at work! Sorry ladies but we are hardwired to be attracted to this sort of thing and we can't help it.

Me? well I'm married so even if I was attracted to other women's butts (and I'm not) I would not be caught dead saying it. Did I mention I'm married? Okay then.

Anyway I see Lululemon's see through Yoga pants as a boon for the yoga industry and if I were them I would be capsulizing on this today. Half price for women and charge men double.

Here I am yoga pant front view
 yoga pant front view (Photo credit: lululemon athletica)

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